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PalmCo and RSI Encouraged to Accelerate SRP: Target to Cover 60 Thousand Hectares

Doc, of InfoSAWIT/CEO of PalmCo, Jatmiko K Santosa.
PalmCo and RSI Encouraged to Accelerate SRP: Target to Cover 60 Thousand Hectares

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – PalmCo and Rumah Sawit Indonesia (RSI) did the strategic partnership to implement and accelerate smallholders replanting program (SRP).

Chairman of RSI Kacuk Sumarto and chief executive officer (CEO) PalmCo, Jatmiko K. Santosa signed memorandum of understanding in the Refleksi Industri Sawit 2023 dan Tantangan Masa Depan on Wednesday (10/1/2024) in Jakarta.

CEO PalmCo, Jatmiko K Santosa said that this year the company would conduct SRP with the target 60 thousand hectares and involve 120 thousand smallholders with the support from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA). It is hoped the smallholders would get help to conduct the program.

“SRP realization would cover the help in credit guarantee, plantation registration, and access to get qualified and certified seeds,” he said to InfoSAWIT.

Jatmiko also told SRP would encourage to deliver better lives for smallholders and their families. If the assumption is one smallholder consists of four people per family, about 30 thousand families would get the support from SRP.

“SRP is hoped to escalate palm oil plantation productivity, optimally deliver the good result and the plasma smallholders’ welfare would be increasing and maintain material supplies to the mills of PalmCo,” Jatmiko said.

Chairman of RSI, Kacuk Sumarto said that SRP is very important because it would directly deliver impacts for plantation productivity. The cooperation would be the commitment of RSI and PalmCO to identify the breakthrough to accelerate SRP and solve every field condition.

He also mentioned RSI as smallholders’ organization would actively play its roles to accelerate SRP. The cooperation with PalmCo as the biggest palm oil plantation company in the world, from plantation width, would be very strategic.

Some aspects to notice in SRP implementation would be about the regulation structurisation and the technical guidelines. “We have to cooperate with related instances, establish field security system,” he said after signing the cooperation.

Besides, the smallholders’ welfare would be the focus and they have to improve their cultivation to get high productivity and qualified fresh fruit bunch. The two institution would try the best to escalate the cultivation pattern by improving industrialization, confirming that there would be mills every party has. This would help the smallholders to face production fluctuation price. (T2)