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Palm Oil Plantation Partnership Crisis in Buol: Land Owners Threatened to Stop Cooperation and Asked to get the Areas Back

Special doc./Villagers and security were on the same way to the plantation of PT HIP.
Palm Oil Plantation Partnership Crisis in Buol: Land Owners Threatened to Stop Cooperation and Asked to get the Areas Back

InfoSAWIT, BUOL – Land owners of plasma program of palm oil plantations in District of Buol, Central Sulawesi would do drastic action by not continuing plasma plantation programs. They thought the ten year – cooperation with PT. Hardaya Inti Plantations (PT. HIP) was a loss.

Forum Petani Plasma Buol (FPPB) in their statement released on Monday, 8 January 2024 told that the main - plasma partnership deliver losses for land owners and tended to take their areas (land grabbing) in the name of partnership/cooperation.

FPPB told the cooperation has been more than 16 years between land owners through cooperation with PT. HIP. It involved 4.934 men with the total areas about 6.746 hectares but land owners financially got loss significantly. Though the plasma plantations produced hundred tons of fresh fruit bunch every day, land owners told that they did not get profit sharing but got debts that reached more than Rp 590 billion.

FPPB also told plasma plantation cultivation by PT. HIP through one stop service, made the land owners not involve in the cultivation. They have no access of information about the development, nursery, and harvest. Besides, the coordinators of cooperation are not transparent and not supporting the members as land owners.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from Radar Sulteng, the land owners joining FPPB decided to stop the plasma operation as the protest of unfair treatment in the cooperation with PT.HIP. They hoped negotiation directly with PT.HIP to discuss partnership and fully got their rights.

“If our protests were ignored, as land owners, we plan to get back our areas and our certificates that PT. HIP still holds and stop the cooperation,” FPPB noted.

Though the land owners tried to fight for their rights, it was said that PT.HIP tried to seduced the coordinators of the cooperation to stop the land owners’ action by promising gifts. Some reports told that those who claimed as police officers, tried to prevent land owners to stop plasma operational.

FPPB felt sorry to what PT. HIP did that used power and took security officers to solve partnership issue. They suggested the police officers to understand main – plasma partnership fairly and should not easily get into the conflict.

FPPB is commited to cooperate to struggle for their rights and get the supports from many. They also hoped the partnership issue would be having solution fair and transparent, confirming that the smallholders (as land owners) would get their rights and support sustainability in palm oil sector in District of Buol.

Partnership issue in Buol would be serious one and needs special attention from many related parties to get peacefully and fairly solution. (T2)