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Central Kalimantan Province Evaluated RAP SPO Progress

Special doc./Economy and Development Assistant Provincial Secretariat of Central Kalimantan, Sri Widanarni.
Central Kalimantan Province Evaluated RAP SPO Progress

InfoSAWIT, PALANGKA RAYA – Economy and Development Assistant Provincial Secretariat of Central Kalimantan, Sri Widanarni that represented provincial secretary inaugurated Regional Action Plan Sustainable Palm Oil (RAP SPO) on Tuesday, 9 January 2024.

It was running in the hall of Plantation Agency Central Kalimantan Province that was about to evaluate the progress and achievement of RAP SPO, discuss issues about plans and palm oil profit sharing activity.

Sri Widanarni told some leads about legal palm oil plantations. Data and area should be accomplished namely about the areas which were indicated in forest regions because of the significance. The plantations should cover independent smallholders and companies’ plantations that have been specifically the concerns.

“It needs to get data about partnership between the companies and the villagers around the plantations. This has to get solution to solve every complaint of the villagers about area conflicts and plantation development. It needs to support the smallholders both from escalating their resources and delivering infrastructures,” she said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from MMCKalteng.

she also mentioned that it needs synergy among many partners so that palm oil in Central Kalimantan would directly and indirectly deliver advantages for the villagers themselves. This should cover the support for food availability and certification terms and conditions qualification by escalating smallholders’ quality and institutions.

In the report of the workshop, Head of Plantation Protection, Adi Soeseno told that the meeting was about to evaluate the progress in RAP SPO and study about it, just like it is regulated in the Governor’s Regulation Number 53 / 2020 about RAP SPO in 2020 - 2024.

In the social aspect, the coordination with many parties would be very important while in the technical aspect, it needs to involve plantation pest organism particularly in the independent smallholders’ plantations. The last was that Sri Widanarni told that it needs to develop and supervise the potential of fire in the forests and areas and should involve independent smallholders and plantation companies.

The workshop would be the important forum to formulate strategic things to maintain sustainable palm oil plantations in Central Kalimantan Province, as same as the available regulations in sustainable principles. (T2)