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Bear Appeared on Jalan Lingkar Utara, Sampit: Broke Palm Oil Trees and Coop

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Bear Appeared on Jalan Lingkar Utara, Sampit: Broke Palm Oil Trees and Coop

InfoSAWIT, SAMPIT – An accident happened on Jalan Lingkar Kota Utara, Sampit. A bear appeared and broke immature palm oil trees and coop that belonged to the villagers. It was happening on Thursday evening, as told by Rusjubaidah the last villager that witnessed it.

Head of Balai Konservasi dan Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA) Pos Jaga Sampit, Muriansyah told that the bear was around the villagers’ hut next to the office of PT PLN on Jalan Soekarno Jalan Lingkar Utara. It was not far from the spot where two bears were saved last year or about 500 meters from Thursday spot.

BKSDA Pos Jaga Sampit directly responded the report by having observation. “We did observe the report of the bear appearance and met five villagers that live around PT PLN office,” Muriansyah said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from catatan.co.id.

What the villagers told the big bear was around on Jalan Lingkar Utara for the past week. The officers of BKSDA suggested the villagers to immediately report if they see a bear. Besides the officers also explained about honey bear attitude to the villagers.

The bear appearance delivered new challenge to maintain the balance of wildlife and human in the region. Prevention and coordination between the villagers and authority would be very crucial to control the situation without harming both parties. (T2)