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Students of Vocational School in Kampar Processed Palm Oil Waste to be High Quality Compost

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Students of Vocational School in Kampar Processed Palm Oil Waste to be High Quality Compost

InfoSAWIT, KAMPAR – Sumatera, as one island in Indonesia as palm oil producer, seriously faces piles of un-used palm oil wastes. As the result, air pollution and environmental issues got more. To solve these, SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu, District of Kampar, Riau Province in Plantation Plant Agribusiness, offered creative solution by changing palm oil wastes to be high quality compost.

Feby Andini, the teacher in Plantation Plant Agribusiness, SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu said that around the school, there are seven palm oil industries. They produce unprocessed wastes. The potential becomes the inspiration for the students of SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu to change to be high quality product, called Peltasa.

"We just want to change something useless to be high quality product to sell so that the people would get the advantages namely those who work as farmers or smallholders,” Feby said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of General Directorate of Vocation.

Every day, the students gathered the wastes to be processed at their school. The materials used to process Peltasa compost is easy to get, such as, midrib, banana tree, brand, dolomite, and molasses.

The wastes should be cut off into pieces at 1—3 cm, then they are mixed with bran, dolomite, molasses for about 24 hours before they are mixed in 21 days in phase to make sure that the composition would be perfect.

Rafiansyah, the student of XI grade in Plantation Plant Agribusiness told that after the decomposition process is done, the compost is packed with label SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu. The product is sold to the people and put in agriculture stores in economic price. It starts from thousand rupiah.

“Before we sell it, Peltasa compost was getting laboratory test in the first place to confirm the substance in it. After passing the tests, we sell it,” Rafiansyah said.

SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu is developing the products to be distributed in wider scae. “It is time that we should back to organic agriculture by using organic fertilizer, Peltasa SMKN 1 Tapung Hulu," Feby said. (T2)