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Many Research Not to be Piled Up

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Many Research Not to be Piled Up

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Palm oil research after Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) supports, would keep developing. Some research is in commercial process but in limited numbers still. The question remains, would the results of palm oil research stop without being adopted by the industries?

PFMA got many kinds of research results through its program Grant Riset Sawit (GRS). Some of them were funded and now are in pilot project or commercial, such as, helmet made of empty bunch composite by IPB University, Surfactant MES by IPB University in cooperation with PT. Petrokimia Gresik, PVC stabilize by ITB in cooperation with PT Timah Indonesia, POME advantage to be BBG by ITB in cooperation with PTPN V, palm oil gasoline and its catalyst by ITB in cooperation with PT. Pura, and maturity detection tool (yield) of fresh fruit bunch by UNAND.

Some research have been the references to develop palm oil and certain its derivative industries, and to get sustainable policy in palm oil industries to be better, such as, academic transcript to publish B30 policy implementation in the early of 2020, the implementation of B35 in the early of 2023, the start to advantage bio aviation turbine for place, academic transcript for delegation of Indonesia in WTO meeting, the meeting in APEC, and CPOPC.

Unfortunately, only few researches that PFMA funded, would be adopted by the industries. The question remains, what about other research results? Would they be stop in laboratory scale only?

There are different perspectives among the researchers in research institutions, academy in universities, and the managements in palm oil companies. These always block to develop industries.

Actually, the researchers and academy play important roles to develop industries, get solution and field development but unfortunately, the researchers from universities faced problem when trying to get access to industries.

In general, the way researchers thought about (a) research is different from the industries and universities. In the industrial scale, the researchers focused more to user needs while in university scale, the researchers tended to get future needs. The differences caused disharmony between the two institutions. (T2)

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