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The Government: 105 Million Hectares Are Forest Regions: The Rest Would be Accomplished This Year

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The Government: 105 Million Hectares Are Forest Regions: The Rest Would be Accomplished This Year

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Indonesia, with the forest areas reaching 63% of the total land, did concrete thing to make sure the forest resource sustainability and escalate the environmental quality. The strong commitment from the people of Indonesia would be the base to guide strategic moves namely what General Directorate of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management (FPEM), Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) has done.

General Directorate of FPEM played the significant roles to realize the forest region well. One main focus is about to accelerate legal status of forest regions. This includes to escalate data open, forest resource information, escalate governance quality in landscape level, and manage sustainable environment.

According to Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja Number Number 6 / 2023 and the Government’s Regulation Number PP 23 / 2021, forest regions were decided to be 125,766,896.3 hectares. By 2023, about 105,860,850.1 hectares were successfully decided and the rests, 19,906,046.2 hectares would be accomplished in 2024. This reinforced legal status of legal forest areas.

To get the sources of TORA (tanah objek reforma agraria) from forest region according to rencana pembangunan jangka menengah nasional (RPJMN) in 2020 -2024 and strategic plans of MEF in 2020-2024, 2,9 million of the target 4,1 million hectares have been realized. 1,2 million hectares, the rests would be accomplished in 2024.

As quoted from the official page of MEF, through information system of forest natural resource monitoring - SIGAP-SIMONTANA, General Directorate of FPEM claimed to get significantly decreasing deforestation for years with the corrective action by MEF and collaboration from every party. This showed the serious commitment to conserve the forests.

SIGAP-SIMONTANA got Bhumandala Award Kanaka (Gold) for two years in a row (in 2022 and 2023), confirmed its significant roles to monitor and conserve the forests.

In the context of environmental management, General Directorate of FPEM keeps escalating its performance to protect and manage the environment. Environmental management instrument development, for instance, to accomplish rencana perlindungan and pengelolaan lingkungan hidup (RPPLH), environment inventory, daya dukung tampung lingkungan hidup in national scale, and provinces, eco-region map, and environmental payment system, reflected the commitment to improve environmental quality in this country.

By these concrete things Indonesia showed up the will to maintain sustainability in forest resource, escalate quality of environment for the next generations. The same efforts from the government, people, and related parties would be the successful key heading to greener and more sustainable future. (T2)