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Palm Oil and Mining Transportation: Should Obey Regulation when Passing Through

Foto by Lukman Hakim/Sawit fest 2021
Palm Oil and Mining Transportation: Should Obey Regulation when Passing Through

InfoSAWIT, PASER – Governor in duty of East Kalimantan, Akmal Malik acknowledged that the economic activity would deliver impacts for the society. One example is that public facility, such as the way for other interests, such as plantation transportation (palm oil) and mining transportation (coal) that pass through the public way in District of Paser.

“In these case, we reminded that natural resource management should obey every available regulation,” Akmal said to some journalists, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of East Kalimantan Province, Monday (1/1/2024).

He who is also the General Director of Regional Autonomy Ministry of Internal Affairs, understood the economic needs and progress through natural resource advantages for the people but he emphasized that it needs to obey every regulation.

“Together with the regent (of Paser), I would keep trying to remind related companies that there are regional regulations about discipline to take advantages on public facilities, for instance, public way,” he said.

Regional government, Akmal continued, would try to maintain the balance between economic progress and the people’s interests. He thought, there would be intensive communication with related parties, including the stakeholders, mining, and palm oil plantations.

“I have ordered Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja and Transportation Agency to get coordination with mining and plantation sectors to obey every regulation,” he said.

Akmal also said that the law officers would deal with everything that might be illegally done. It does not deal with the regional government. But he emphasized, it needs to get law enforcement to maintain the balance in the society.

“What we regulate is about public facilities in regional regulation. Of course, we have to obey the regulation. We have to communicate with every party (about the regulation),” he hoped for. (T2)