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Ministry of Agriculture and Biocarbon Fund Initiative: Confirm that Palm Oil Contributes to get Emission Reduction

Doc. of Ministry of Agriculture/BIOCF-ISFL workshop in plantation sub-sector, 2023 in Jakarta.
Ministry of Agriculture and Biocarbon Fund Initiative: Confirm that Palm Oil Contributes to get Emission Reduction

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The Government of Indonesia keeps reinforcing its position as the biggest plantation commodity producer in the world. Palm oil develops the biggest.

Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman is optimist about the sustainability of agricultural and plantation production when extreme climate changes happen.

To support sustainability, he urged the officers in the ministry to get synergy with many parties. The goals are about to mitigate climate change impacts, confirm the available plantation materials, deliver real contribution to accelerate free carbon emission - development nationally.

General Director of Plantation, Andi Nur Alam Syah emphasized that it is important to manage palm oil stock carbon. As the mainstay commodity, palm oil has incredible impacts for the environment and economy. It needs to understand and manage climate change impacts to get sustainable policy.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Ministry of Agriculture, it cooperated with Biocarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscape (BioCF-ISFL) 2023. The cooperation would be about to escalate the understanding about climate change impacts in plantation sectors, reduce green-house gas emission, and support forest and environment conservation.

In the workshop of BIOCF-ISFL in plantation sub sector 2023 in Jakarta on Tuesday (19/12), Director of Plantation Protection, Hendratmojo Bagus said that environment issue is the focus in the globe including in Indonesia. It is hoped the workshop would deliver comprehensive description about positive contribution from palm oil plantation in climate change mitigation.

Bagus hoped that there would be guidelines for policy makers and agricultural sustainable practices. Besides he told that the formulation of the workshop should be the good input to get the future programs and Indonesia would always be developing and innovating to face the more complex environment issues.

“We hope the formulation from this workshop would be the input to arrange the programs in the next years and we would be developing and innovating to answer the more complex environment issue,” he said. (T2)