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Politeknik Kelapa Sawit CWE and SKF Indonesia in Strategic Cooperation

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/Politeknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi (Poltek CWE) cooperated with SKF Indonesia.
Politeknik Kelapa Sawit CWE and SKF Indonesia in Strategic Cooperation

InfoSAWIT, BEKASI – Educational institution that focuses on palm oil industries - Politeknik Kelapa Sawit Citra Widya Edukasi (Poltek CWE) cooperates with SKF Indonesia, a bearing producer company. It means to reinforce not only the cooperation between education and industries but also confirm Poltek CWE as bearing training center study in Indonesia.

Istianto Budi Rahardja from Poltek CWE said, the cooperation would significantly deliver impact particularly for companies that use bearing in their operational, such as, palm oil mill. The training center study in Poltek CWE would provide facilitation needed to develop skill for the students that want to work in the industries.

“Including providing simulation of learning about the application or bearing process in Poltek CWE,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (22/11/2023)

Since 2019, it proposed to get cooperation because there would be incredible change in educational world that needs special skill.

Chief of the collaboration, Ahmad Mahfud said that the cooperation is about to make sure that every graduate from Poltek CWE would be competent, including the lecturers should have insight, knowledge in close circumstances but develop as the era does.

In February 2020, Poltek CWE started contacting PT SKF International. It spent about 7 month – process. The signing of the cooperation between both parties was witnessed by the officials in Ministry of External Affairs and Sweden embassy that emphasized to realize the cooperation between both parties.

Director of Poltek CWE, Nugroho Kristono told that it was not easy to get preparation in a developing era particularly in engineering sectors. But thanks for the support of the management as the representative of Widya Group and PT SKF, the cooperation would be the significant support. Nugroho also emphasized that there would be challenges and it is hoped to participate in grant program to develop competency training.

The cooperation between both parties would be the new history, confirming SKF as the company that commits in educational world. The project would be the first in the educational world for training center within only three to five same projects in the industrial world. By the cooperation, modern and efficient learning would be realized, there would be good synergy between industrial and educational world.

In his speech, Alfajri Abu Bakar as the representative of SKF Training said that the goal of SKF to contribute in educational world would share experiences and contribution for the students and lecturers to get themselves prepared by having relevant knowledge when being in the field.

In the beginning the cooperation was focused in educational level and would be in Poltek CWE only. The facilities of SKF Training Satellite in the campus showed kinds of tool that has something to do with monitoring process, machines, and digital tools. In the trend heading to digital era, remote control or monitoring concept would be the integral part of the facilities.

“By having the spirit of mutual cooperation, it is hoped that the cooperation would be the place to increase the quality of education, really contribute to develop the better future in Indonesia,” Abu Bakar said.

Technical Support SKF Indonesia, Ariyanto berharap said that in the future there would be mutual advantages between SKF and Poltek CWE. SKF wanted to positively contribute as same as its mission – to help in educational sectors. The cooperation is taken as one event that shows to the consumers that SKF actively plays its roles to support educational world.

The cooperation would create not only modern training facilities but also the real example that collaboration between industrial and educational world can create an environment that support competency development for the students and the lecturers.  (T2)