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RSPO Encouraged Sustainable Palm Oil Collaboration to Welfare the People

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RSPO Encouraged Sustainable Palm Oil Collaboration to Welfare the People

InfoSAWIT, BALI – Sustainable palm oil is the main pillar of economy for the people (villagers) around palm oil plantations. Not only the planters, such as companies, and smallholders to enjoy, the villagers around to many people in town also get the economic advantages.

Palm oil plantations that develop in remote areas should really contribute to the villagers’ economic activities around. The plantations have many things to develop the economy for the people around.

Just like Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO encouraged to support multi-party collaboration with palm oil producing countries. Besides escalating the independent smallholders’ economy, multi-party collaboration should encourage cooperation and new initiatives to solve every issue and conflict that took place in sustainable palm oil supply chain.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) RSPO, Joseph D'Cruz who is familiar with JD told that sustainable palm oil should deliver direct impact to the social and environment around the plantations. He thought palm oil business could deliver sustainable palm oil in universally principles and criteria - bases.

Not only the capability in practicing sustainability for smallholders, the people around should get the contribution of sustainable palm oil around. Sustainable palm oil as the responsibility of RSPO members also needs supports from the producers’ officials. Besides it needs multi-party’s responsibility and to hear inputs from many sides.

“By listening to multi-party inputs, RSPO would get the chance and challenge to develop sustainable palm oil,” JD recently said to InfoSAWIT in Bali. The stakeholders as RSPO members would contribute together, “RSPO would seek the bottle neck which become the challenges to develop sustainable palm oil,” he said.

Sustainable palm oil through jurisdiction approach could be taken as the same solution from the bottle neck that happened for all these years. The governments’ officials would be the consent in jurisdiction approach to solve the issues.

Jurisdiction approach should involve regional governments’ official to develop certification of sustainability by involving independent smallholders in one region (to get RSPO certificate(s)). (T1)

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