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Threatened Future: Young Generations Urged the Leaders to Solve Climate Crisis

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Threatened Future: Young Generations Urged the Leaders to Solve Climate Crisis

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Climate crisis does make not only the temperature in this earth escalate but also the deep worry. It means the government should make higher level - priority on climate crisis issue. Young generations as the successors should care, tell their future interests and safety for every one of us.

In the creative campaign #SatuKomaLima "Agar Kita Tetap Ada", Sunday, 12 November 2023 in Gedung Makara Art Center, Universitas Indonesia, researcher of Forest and Climate Program of Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan, Intan Lestari said that young generations should play their roles to face climate crisis.

“Climate crisis is not for the vulnerable groups only but every one gets the impact because of disaster and extreme happenings. These could happen to anyone, anytime and anyplace. The vulnerable groups, such as, indigenous people, those who live next to coast, small islands, disability groups, and others would get more impacts. To save us, 1,5 Celsius degree is a compromise limit that every country should maintain,” she said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

Intan also said that political agenda would be the key not to surpass 1,5 Celsius degree limit. She noted that until now there are issues in regulation and policies that do not take partisanship in environment, such as, investment acceleration without adequate environment protection, taking indigenous people’s area for developing projects in national scale, and also food estate.

The survey in July - August 2023 showed that environment issue was the main one for young generations that would vote (for president). More than 96% respondents planned to vote in the election 2024. 19,81% of them thought that the government should prioritize environment issue rather than other issues, such as, employment, economic progress, and corruption eradication.

Executive Director of Yayasan Madani Berkelanjutan, Nadia Hadad mentioned that though the candidates of president and vice president exposed their vision and mission, it seemed, there is no seriousness or has no consistency in environmental issue. Each candidate seemed to depend on fossil fuel and had no plan to solve issues, such as, not using steam power plants, coal, and continue the controversial food estate program.

“In 2024 political year, the candidates of the leaders should prioritize and seriously deal with climate crisis by implementing fair climate principles and support sustainable and inclusive development. This is crucial to maintain our future existence,” Nadia said. (T2)