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IPS Did the 4th Webinar: Fund and Management about Plasma

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IPS Did the 4th Webinar: Fund and Management about Plasma

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – For the fourth time, Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) did webinar with the theme ‘Fund and Management of Palm Oil Plasma Plantations’. In his speech, Chairman of IPS, Jamalul said that palm oil plantations laid about on 16,3 million hectares in 2022.

The total production reached 45,58 million tons of crude palm oil (CPO). About 26,2 million tons or 45% were exported. “This made Indonesia as the number one CPO producer in the world,” he said delivering speech that InfoSAWIT saw, Saturday (18/11/2023).

As the main CPO producer, there are issues to develop palm oil plantations in Indonesia, such as, plasma plantations both in legal, permit, sources of fund, and other needs.

“This 4th webinar is hoped to be useful for use, to deliver thoughts that contribute and be in synergy with the government, academy, and private sectors in many sectors,” he said.

Jamalul also claimed IPS is the professional organization to be the place for the professional planters both as workers in plantations to interact in a whole.

IPS has about 1000 members in many regions in Indonesia. The planters that join IPS are from palm oil, rubber, tea, chocolate, coffee, sugarcane, medicine and aromatic plants, and others, academy, and communities that affiliate with planters.

Jamalul said the fourth webinar would be the way of IPS to bridge the farmers (smallholders) with investors and other related stakeholders. (T2)