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Palm Oil Sticks: The Potential to Encourage Smallholders’ Economy

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Palm Oil Sticks: The Potential to Encourage Smallholders’ Economy

InfoSAWIT, PADANG – In the recent days, palm oil stick was the focus of independent smallholders who joined Sawitku Masa Depanku (SAMADE). It was successfully developed by SAMADE in Riau Province through micro, small, and medium business in Rumah Tamadun. It was the turn of independent smallholders joining SAMADE in West Sumatera Province for being interesting to do economic potential from palm oil stick.

In the midst of September 2023, Chairman of SAMADE West Sumatera, Junaindra Sumawan told the plan to get training about making handicrafts from palm oil stick. It would be a three day – training precisely on 24 to 27 November 2023 in UNP Hotel.

He said, the training would involve 25 independent smallholders from many regions in the province. This would be the cooperation between SAMADE West Sumatera and Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

Junaindra mentioned the goal would be about to escalate economic value from palm oil ‘waste’. It is hoped that by having skills to make handicrafts from palm oil stick, the smallholders could significantly increase their income.

“We hope the training would escalate economic value from palm oil ‘waste’ and automatically would increase the smallholders’ income,” he said to InfoSAWIT.

The participants of the training would develop kinds of handicrafts, such as, plate, tissue box, bags, and others. This is hoped to deliver the positive for them and reduce palm oil stick that is mostly disadvantaged.

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