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CPO Tender at KPBN Increased 0,62% on Thursday (16/11)

Doc. InfoSAWIT
CPO Tender at KPBN Increased 0,62% on Thursday (16/11)

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Crude palm oil (CPO) tender at PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) was Rp 11.622/kg on Thursday (16/11/2023). It means, it got better Rp 72/kg or about 0,62% compared to Wednesday (15/11/2023) tender that was Rp 11.550/kg.

What InfoSAWIT got from KPBN, CPO franco Belawan and Dumai was Rp 11.622/Kg. In Talang Duku it was Rp. 11.422/Kg.

Crude palm kernel oil (CPKO) in Lampung was Rp. 11.660/Kg, but in withdraw (WD) with the highest bid Rp 10.000/Kg.

CPO trade in Malaysia Derivatives Exchange got decreased on Thursday, (16/11/2023) because soyoil price got cheaper at Chicago Board of Trade.

As quoted from Reuters, CPO reference contract price with the code FCPOc3 for January 2024 delivery at Malaysia Derivatives Exchange decreased RM 9 per ton or about 0,22% to be RM 4,009 (US$ 851,17) per metric ton in the early session.

Here are tenders at KPBN (Rp./Kg), excluded income tax on Thursday (16/11/2023):


Franco Belawan and Dumai Rp. 11.622- EUP, EOP, SDS

Talang Duku Rp. 11.422-PRISCOLIN



Lampung Rp. 11.660 (WD) with the highest bid Rp. 10.000 – AMJP