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To Solve Cheap FFB, 9 Members of South Pesisir Legislators Proposed Regional Regulation

Doc. InfoSAWIT
To Solve Cheap FFB, 9 Members of South Pesisir Legislators Proposed Regional Regulation

InfoSAWIT, PESISISIR SELATAN – Nine members of South Pesisir Legislators West Sumatera Province proposed to establish regional regulation as the solution on cheaper fresh fruit bunch (FFB) that independent smallholders produced that it in the other region. Besides, there should be regulations about gambier, rubber governance as the mainstay commodities in the district.

Member of South Pesisir Legislators, Novermal who proposed the regional regulation said that it was told to Legislators Secretariat. “We hope that the proposal would be the priority to establish regional regulation in 2024,” he said, as quoted from Pos Metro Padang.

He thought, it would be very significant in the district because South Pesisir has no regulation in palm oil, rubber, and gambier. “We have to propose so that the price in farmers or smallholders’ level would get better,” he said while saying that the smallholders’ palm oil plantations laid on about 41 thousand hectares that need protection in the district.

Novermal mentioned, FFB produced by independent smallholders in the district is always cheaper than it in the other regions, such as, Sijunjung, Dharmasraya, Agam, and West Pasaman. "The gap reaches Rp 400 per kg and scale discount in mills gets expensive too,” he said. he also told that two mills belonging to Incasi Raya Grup would purchase smallholders’ FFB less than it in other mills.

In the context of price decision, he also emphasized that it noticed yield in FFB. He urged the regional district to immediately check out independent smallholders’ FFB yield. “We do not want to hear that the district would argue that this is not its authority. That is why there should be regulation about it,” he said.

The main goals to publish the regional regulation are to prevent unhealthy business competition, escalate commodity quality, discipline business and traders’ administration, escalate planters’ bargaining position, create profitable cooperation between planters and companies, control commodity governance, and monitor commodity governance.

Nine members of South Pesisir Legislators that proposed the regulation are from nine parties, they are, PAN, PKS, Demokrat, Golkar, and PPP. They are optimist that every member in the legislators would agree about it because this would protect smallholders’ FFB price (as the source of living) in the district. (T2)