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The Finding of Unknown Car in Palm Oil Plantation: KPPBC Nunukan Firmly Acted

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The Finding of Unknown Car in Palm Oil Plantation: KPPBC Nunukan Firmly Acted

InfoSAWIT, NUNUKAN – Kantor Pengawasan dan Pelayanan Bea dan Cukai (KPPBC) Nunukan successfully secured two cars without any ownership documents in palm oil plantation in the border of Indonesia, Sebatik Island, District of Nunukan. The two unknown cars are Toyota Prado EX 3.0 Turbo which was produced in 1991 and Toyota Land Cruiser that was produced in 1999 with Malaysia plates. They were found in palm oil plantations that belong to Sebatik people.

Head of KPPBC Nunukan, Danang SB told that the finding started from what the people told. The vehicles used Malaysia plate and operated in palm oil plantations, particularly to transport harvest. “The cars were in normal condition and operated standard,” Danang said, as quoted from Niaga.

He thought, the two unknown cars now belong to the country because after they were found few months earlier, no one claimed to have them. Though KPPBC provided times about 90 days so that the owner would come to his office and got evidences of documents as imported cars, no one claimed to have the cars.

“We are still waiting for the order from the central government. Would the two cars be in auction or damaged, as the procedures when dealing with other previous findings?” Danang said.

This would happen because the cars violated the Regulation of Minister of Industry Number 14 / 2016 that bans used imported cars to fulfill personal interests in Indonesia. but the government would allow to import spare-parts from other countries for personal use or for trade.

He also told that the close regulation in used car – imports from other countries made no car dealer want to do such business but the government does not ban to get spare-parts - imports.

While KPPBC Nunukan still waits for further order, the finding showed law enforcement in illegal car – imports because these would be a loss of economy and creating unequal automotive business in Indonesia. (T2)