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Biomicrogels Group Introduced Product to Revolutionize Palm Oil Production

Doc. of Biomicrogels Group for InfoSAWIT/Team Biomicrogels Group controlled palm oil extraction process during in the industrial tests in Indonesia and Malaysia.
Biomicrogels Group Introduced Product to Revolutionize Palm Oil Production

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Biomicrogels Group, a company that operates to provide advance technology in palm oil industries, announced its success in implementing two innovative products, they are, Biomicrogel BMG-C4 and Biomicrogel BMG-SPO, in the mills in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The two products in clarification and dosing station of BMG, established single solution which is easy to be applied in technology process, positively delivered impacts in oil extraction by significantly increasing productivity, reducing oil losses, but escalating economic values.

Biomicrogel BMG-C4 is 100% natural product which derived from modified food grade – cellulose. It proved to be a new breakthrough in the industry. It was designed to separate vegetable oils from liquid and solid particle. The product would escalate extraction efficiently during the production process. By advantaging Biomicrogel BMG-C4, the company optimized every oil extraction phase, confirmed oil separation maximally from the broken particle and water.

Meanwhile the advance sludge palm oil (SPO) extraction, Biomicrogel BMG-SPO would incredibly escalate the performance. The product escalated extraction productivity up to 100%, reduced water content in SPO from 16% to be less than 1%, and also reduced water consumption up to 300%. By applying Biomicrogel BMG-SPO, a company would extract SPO more and have higher quality in a very short period without using other additional equipment.

Business Development Director of Biomicrogels Group, Igor Temirov said that the products were designed to optimize palm oil extraction available and would be relatively having no change for the past 50 years.

 As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Temirov also explained that the products would function in every process in mill.

“By escalating palm oil extraction, minimizing extraction time, and minimizing oil losses and water consumption, the mill hoped to increase operational profits up to more than US$ 500,000 per year," he said.

Biomicrogels Group also technically and comprehensively supports through expert team to get consultation in every performance phase, starting from technology data collection and analysis, installation, commissioning, and post – guarantee services.

Palm oil production plays important roles in Indonesia and Malaysia’s economy. For the two countries contributed 87% of palm oil exports in the globe, Biomicrogels Group also successfully expands its effects by signing contacts with six distributors and accelerate container distribution to the two countries.

Besides prioritizing efficiency and profitability, Biomicrogels Group also pays attention to sustainable practices and goals in ESG (environmental, social, and governance). The company reduced palm oil mill effluent (POME), reduced water consumption up to 50% in the production process but escalated oil performance.

CEO Borneo Indo Group, Fitri M. Milla said that the company has skill in POME management and served many mills in Kalimantan. “BMG showed the very best performance in the latest test in one mill of Bumitama Group in Kalimantan, escalated oil extraction rate, and reduced oil losses. Our company started routine supply from BMG to our customers,” Fitri M. Milla said. (T2)