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Regent of Gunung Mas Closed the Way for PT Archipelago Timur Abadi: Failed to Develop Plasma Plantations

Doc. InfoSAWIT/Ilustartion of palm oil plantation
Regent of Gunung Mas Closed the Way for PT Archipelago Timur Abadi: Failed to Develop Plasma Plantations

InfoSAWIT, GUNUNG MAS – Regent of Gunung Mas (Gumas), Jaya Samaya Monong firmly closed the access way for crude palm oil (CPO) and fresh fruit bunch (FFB) transportation belonging to PT Archipelago Timur Abadi (ATA) in Village of Teluk Nyatu, Sub district of Kurun, District of Gumas.

The action was realized after the regent met with the management of PT ATA, villagers of Petak Bahandang, Hurung Bunut, Teluk Nyatu, Tewang Pajangan, and technical team from the district.

“I emphasized that from this day, every CPO and FFB truck will not pass through from PT ATA. I close the access. I think PT ATA has no commitment and ignore to realize its obligation,” Regent Jaya Samaya said, Friday (3/11/2023) as InfoSAWIT quoted from Prokal.co.

He also mentioned that PT ATA ignored its obligation to develop plasma plantations for the people around and ignored to pay sisa hasil kebun (SHK) 20 percent from the main plantations of the company to four villages.

Regent Jaya said that the access way would be closed until the management of PT ATA fulfills their obligation. He also urged the company to pay the workers’ rights during the access is closed.

“PT ATA should pay the workers’ rights. Whatever the risks are that happened for negligence, PT ATA should be in charge on the workers,” he said by taking every worker to tell the related agency if their rights is not fulfilled.

On the other hand, Social Security Litigation and License (SSL) PT ATA, Dani, said that the company would obey the government and would try to realize every available regulation and asked for legal certainty from the government.

“We would obey and respect the government but please, we have to get legal certainty. We have shared SHK from the people’s plantations,” Dani said.

Meanwhile, General Manager PT ATA, Sugianto Manik emphasized that the company is committed to realize plasma plantations in four villages. PT ATA has developed 2.000 hectares plantations in four villages and shared the output every month per hectare. (T2)