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PT Kayan Plantation: Got Benuanta Award through Program Kayan Peduli

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PT Kayan Plantation: Got Benuanta Award through Program Kayan Peduli

InfoSAWIT, BULUNGAN – Palm oil plantation company, PT. Kayan Plantation (PT. KP) got achievement in corporate social responsibility (CSR) program through its program "Kayan Peduli". By the early of November 2023, the company got Benuanta Award from District of Bulungan.

The award was given as the appreciation and contribution of PT. KP to develop Gedung Olah Raga (GOR) Lu'ung Jalung Sajau in Sub district of Tanjung Palas Timur, District of Bulungan, North Kalimantan Province. The hall would be the biggest one in the region and confirmed that PT. KP is a company that got profits not from financial only but also actively solved environmental and social issues.

Benuanta Award is the highest award in CSR program that District of Bulungan delivered for companies that operate in the region. The success of PT. KP in getting the award is the real evidence that the company focuses not only in business development but also realize social and environmental responsibility.

Regent of Bulungan, Syarwani said that the organization, institution, or company have to realize their CSR as the strategic partners of the regional govenrments. This is the same with the prior programs of District of Bulungan, which is, Mitra Bulungan Berdaulat. Syarwani also emphasized that it needs cooperation between the regional government and companies to solve poverty issue and realize sustainable development.

"The companies have their roles and contribution. District of Bulungan has too. That is why it is important for both parties to realize prior programs,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

In the award, management of PT. KP represented by General Manager, In Hoat told that the program "Kayan Peduli" is the real evidence of the company to develop North Kalimantan Province.

The company got not only financial profits but also played actively to deliver environmental solution. By this approach, PT KP is a company to develop social and environmental welfare for the surroundings. (T2)