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Police Arrested the Suspect of SHK Corruption: Took Chairman of Palm Oil Union in West Kalimantan

Foto by Raisan Al Farisi/SawitFest 2021
Police Arrested the Suspect of SHK Corruption: Took Chairman of Palm Oil Union in West Kalimantan

InfoSAWIT, KETAPANG – Chairman of koperasi unit desa (KUD) in palm oil plantations in District of Ketapang, West Kalimantan Province, a.k.a. YW, is behind bars after being reported to corrupt the rests of sisa hasil kebun (SHK).

The representative of complaint, Ujang Suhardi said that the corruption of the money was known when data of SHK from palm oil plantation company, about Rp 1,5 billion should actually be distributed to 1.004 members. But after paying or discounting administrative money, every member got only Rp 956.000 which actually they had to get Rp 1,3 million per member.

The suspicion escalated when the same happened in August 2023. Cash for about Rp 1,2 billion should be distributed for each member but they only got Rp 840.000 per person. By calculating the two SHK, it was known that the chairman corrupted SHK in August and November which the numbers were fantastic. “If we added the numbers, SHK in August and November reached Rp 650 million. Where is the money?” Ujang said, as quoted from Kompas.

He continued, before reporting the case, tens of union members tried to get direct answer from the chairman but the chairman did not deliver any information directly. He was only represented by someone by saying that the rests of SHK had been used to make benchmarks in people’s forest. But the members were skeptical and needed further clarification.

Chief of Criminal Ketapang Police, AKP Faris Kautsar confirmed that some members of union did deliver complaint about it. Faris said that the police would investigate it in procedures and would prove if the corruption assumption happened or not. The police would take other parties in the investigation.

"Of course, it needs investigation and we would invite many parties in the case,” Faris said. (T2)