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Ombudsman RI: Need Legal Certainty in Palm Oil Particularly for Independent Smallholders

Foto by Aceng Sofian/sawitfest 2021/Ilustration of palm oil plantation
Ombudsman RI: Need Legal Certainty in Palm Oil Particularly for Independent Smallholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Member of Ombudsman RI, Yeka Hendra Fatika told about what independent smallholders face namely whose having palm oil plantations less than ten (10) hectares because they are difficult to qualify administrative requirement to get their business legal according to Undang—Undang Cipta Kerja (UUCK). Yeka urged the government to really notice this issue.

He thought, the deadline would be on 2 November 2023 as it is regulated in UUCK / 202o or Laws Number 11 / 2020 as Supreme Court substituted UUCK (2) to be Laws Number 6 / 2023. It means, Yeka continued, it is better that the deadline should start (again) after Laws Number 6 / 2023 has been published.

Ombudsman RI thought that it is significant to respect people’s rights and interests in national scale in forest region governance. Ministry of Environment and Forestry is reminded to obey every available regulation and respect the people’s right including the rights on land that Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/National Land Agency and regional governments published.

He continued that it needs supports for palm oil businesses both in this country and other countries. Covid-19 pandemic, subsidy policy and export policy really pressed palm oil industries. That is why he emphasized that governance about rights on land to deliver legal certainty and confirm business continuity would be significant to positively deliver contribution for the economy nationally.

Besides, Ombudsman RI suggested that fine sanction should be the same with the mechanism to relieve and positively deliver impacts for the economy because palm oil plantations provides employment significantly.

“Rights on land that becomes the foundation of palm oil plantation business needs to be re-managed to deliver legal certainty and guarantee business sustainability,” Yeka emphasized, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (2/11/2023).

Just like the Laws Number 37 / 2008 about Ombudsman of Indonesia Republic, this institution is committed to get coordination and cooperation with the government’s institutions, and other regional governments.

To prevent mal-administration in delivering public services, Ombudsman Indonesian Republic would publish policy report to encourage legal certainty about rights on land as the foundation in palm oil business and it is hoped to positively contribute in its governance in Indonesia. (T2)