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General Director of Plantation: Collaboration is the Key to Escalate Palm Oil Industries in Indonesia

Doc. InfoSAWIT
General Director of Plantation: Collaboration is the Key to Escalate Palm Oil Industries in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN – Palm oil industries in Indonesia keeps developing fast because Ministry of Agriculture and General Directorate of Plantation support. One successful key to realize sustainable economic development is by reinforcing regulation and good cooperation among every related party.

In Indonesian Palm Oil Stakeholders (IPOS) Forum, General Director of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, Andi Nur Alam Syah said the challenges that the industries are facing, such as, how to escalate certainty in doing business in this sector by reinforcing regulation, business permit in plantation, profit sharing, and smallholders replanting program (SRP).

Directorate of Palm Oil and Various Palma that represented General Directorate of Plantation mentioned that to develop SRP, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) should also play important roles. It is hoped to collaborate with smallholders in partnership scheme, deliver technological help, escalate insight about cultivation, open market access, and help to map the plantations.

It needs to collaborate among the governments, private/country’s companies, academy, and plantation practitioners because it would be the successful key to support SRP heading to sustainable palm oil and optimally productivity.

The future palm oil development is known as "Sawit Indonesia Satu Berkelanjutan." It should cover the governance within integrated system in special – base. The spatial map in national scale would be vital as the main data of every palm oil planting that smallholders would do. the data would also support to get SRP, develop infrastructure, develop human resource in this sector.

That is why he hoped that IPOS Forum could be well advantaged, discuss and get the best solutions to the same goal, discuss to solve every field challenge including about regulation, law certainty of business to reinforce the economy nationally. (T2)