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EU: 2,4 Billion Euro to Support Fair Energy Transition Partnership for Indonesia

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EU: 2,4 Billion Euro to Support Fair Energy Transition Partnership for Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, Jakarta – In a conference on 24 to 25 October 2023, European Union Delegation (EUD) for Indonesia did intensive discussion about how European Union (EU) and its members (Team Europe) could support Fair Energy Transition Partnership in Indonesia. With theme "Jalan menuju Indonesia Sejahtera – Didukung oleh Energi Terbarukan," the conference took every stakeholder in energy sector, such as, the government, organizations in international level, private, and civil society.

In the opening ceremony, the Ambassador of EU for Indonesia, H.E. Denis Chaibi said about EU energy transition and Team Europe approaches. He emphasized that the leaders in EU are committed to get green transition fast to solve climate change and threats to food security. He also told that energy transition in the continent significantly opens new works.

But Chaibi also mentioned that EU would not be able to work alone to realize the goal. The cooperation in global scale would be the key. EU and Team Europe depend on Global Gateway, which is, a financial initiative that joins many resources in EU and financial institutions from EU members to encourage bilateral projects with many partners globally, such as, Indonesia. Chaibi announced EU commitment about 2,4 billion Euro from Team Europe to support, encourage fair energy transition partnership in Indonesia.

On the other hand, General Director New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource, Yudho Dwinanda Priaadi mentioned how Indonesia optimized renewable energy availability and scope. One mainstay project is super grid Indonesia that would integrate islands in Indonesia to one powerplant network nationally. Besides, diesel powerplant conversion to be hybrid battery which is environmental would be the concrete thing to supply electricity to remote islands where electricity is not operating still.

Deputy Secretary of Joint Energy Transition Partnership (JETP), Paul Butarbutar mentioned the ongoing preparation to implement JETP and other related projects. He told to get many cooperation and investment in international scale, emphasized that it is important to maintain environment good to support increasing investment in renewable energy.

In a panel discussion, many experts from EU members discussed their experiences in developing renewable energy, particularly wind around the shore, floating solar panel, and tidal energy. They claimed that it is significant to get fair energy transition that would create not only clean energy but also new employments for fossil – fuel industries – workers that are still working.

The conference showed adjustment between Indonesia and EU prioritized. The concrete collaboration between the two would realize the same goals, including solving fossil fuel subsidy, confirming economic electricity, creating high quality new employments, increasing air quality, confirming that energy transition is happening by making sure that there would be no left behind to get advantages. By having political commitment, ambition, and right cooperation, Indonesia and EU are on the right track to create more sustainable and green future. (T1)

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