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To develop Palm Oil Plantations in Forest Regions Would be sentenced to 5 Years in Jail and Fine 7,5 Billion Rupiah

Doc. of Law Enforcement EF/A suspect - AM (40) was sued for developing limited production forest without permits.
To develop Palm Oil Plantations in Forest Regions Would be sentenced to 5 Years in Jail and Fine 7,5 Billion Rupiah

InfoSAWIT, MAKASSAR – A case that cultivated limited production forest (LPF) regions without having permits in Village of Mantadulu, Sub district of Angkona, District of Luwu Timur, South Sulawesi Province would be in trial.

A suspect, AM (40) was sued for his activity cultivating LPF without permit. The case was blown up after prosecutors in Prosecutor South Sulawesi got evidences on 3 October 2023.

Prior on 18 June 2023, Law Enforcement Team of Environment and Forestry (EF) in Sulawesi found a yellow excavator (Komatsu PC 200) in LPF regions. It was assumed to be developing and cultivating about ten hectares illegal palm oil plantations.

After having investigation, the team successfully identified that the landlord, AM (40) was stated as the suspect on 28 July 2023. The investigator of the team suspected that AM violated Chapter 78 Article (3) Juncto (Jo) Chapter 50, Article (2) letter “a” Indonesian Laws Number 41 / 1999 about Forestry which has been substituted to be Chapter 36 number 17 and number 19 Indonesian Laws Number 6 / 2023 about The Establishment of Government Regulation in lieu of Law Number 2 / 2022 about Cipta Kerja within criminal threat maximally five (5) years and or maximal fine Rp 7.500.000.000,-.

Head of Law Enforcement of Environment and Forestry in Sulawesi, Aswin Bangun emphasized that Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) is committed to get law enforcement from the case to protect environment and forest regions in Indonesia.

Bangun also told that this is also a warning for others that still do activity without permit in forest regions particularly in Sulawesi because illegal activity would damage the forest and environment and deliver losses for the country and impacts for the people.

“The success in solving the case happened for the good cooperation and synergy among Law Enforcement EF in Sulawesi, South Sulawesi Attorney, Malili Prosecutor, South Sulawesi Police, and Luwu Timur Police,” Bangun said. (T2)