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Palm Oil Research Program: To Develop Sustainable Palm Oil Industries

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/Opening ceremony of Pekan Riset Sawit Indonesia 2023 (PERISAI 2023) in Surabaya.
Palm Oil Research Program: To Develop Sustainable Palm Oil Industries

InfoSAWIT, SURABAYA – Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) did proactive thing by having Palm Oil Research and Development Program. It is about to reinforce, develop, and empower palm oil industries in Indonesia from upstream to downstream sectors. This starts from encouraging the will of students in Indonesia to have palm oil research, create foundation to develop these industries nationally and sustainably.

Director of PFMA, Eddy Abdurrachman said that research and development program in PFMA would involve some initiatives, such as, Program Grant Riset Sawit. It is divided into two ways, such as, selection and initiative.

“This program was designed to escalate research and development in sustainable and environmental palm oil. The main focus would cover, escalating productivity and efficiency, sustainability, creating new markets and products, and escalating smallholders’ welfare,” he said when delivering speech in the Pekan Riset Sawit Indonesia 2023 (PERISAI 2023) with the theme "Reinforcing Palm Oil Industry in Combating Global Challenges through Technological Innovation" in The Westin Surabaya, that InfoSAWIT attended, Wednesday (25/10/2023).

He also mentioned since it started in 2015, Program Grant Riset Sawit has funded 329 cooperation contracts with 88 research institutions in 19 provinces and involved 1202 researchers.

In the research result commercialization, PFMA is in cooperation with Asosiasi Inventor Indonesia (AII) to get technology preparedness assessment from the result researches.

30 inventions from the research results are ready to get commercial. Some investors are interested in them with the agreement of technology secret. Eddy said, PFMA would discover the research results that PFMA funded in the two day - seminar.

“The seminar consists of six sessions/classes that enable every participant to get into according their interest. The initiative would reinforce research infrastructure in Indonesia and open innovation, new market development, and escalate smallholders’ income,” he said.

By having Palm Oil Research and Development Program, PFMA is committed to develop palm oil industries sustainably, innovatively, and have high competition. By reinforcing research and development, Indonesia would go forward as palm oil industrial leader in the globe responsibly and environmentally. (T2)