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Strategic Ways of Bengkalis to Welfare Its People

Special doc./Regent of Bengkalis, Kasmarni when inaugurating socialization event, Monday (23/10/2023).
Strategic Ways of Bengkalis to Welfare Its People

InfoSAWIT, SIAK KECIL – As the strategic ways to accelerate palm oil plantation development, Regent of Bengkalis, Kasmarni officially inaugurated socialization about Smallholders Replanting Program (SRP), Monday, 23 October 2023 in the office of Siak Kecil Sub district.

In his speech, Regent Kasmarni told that the socialization was to escalate coordination among stakeholders so that every party would have the same understanding and perception to succeed SRP and other programs that General Directorate of Plantation initiated.

“I do appreciate the leaders and management of mill of PT Sumbermas Mutiara Agro for supporting this event. We also want to confirm that the people would maximally understand this program,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Statistic, Information and Communication Agency District of Bengkalis, Wednesday (25/10/2023).

Bengkalis has palm oil plantations about more than 130 thousand hectares, more than 41 thousand families of smallholders. Kasmarni also emphasized that the big potential should be supported with spirit to get local economy go forward.

He also suggested Plantation Agency District of Bengkalis to always monitor and develop the people to get infrastructure programs. He thought, the success in palm oil sector in the district would play significant roles to develop economy in a whole.

When handing over Cultivation Documents to some smallholders’ groups, such as, Raih Kemenangan Village of Muara Dua; Pesisir Melayu Village of Muara Dua; and Berjaya, Village of Sumber Jaya, Kasmarni noted that every smallholder should play important roles to seriously take advantages on the program because it would escalate plantation productivity and income and welfare of the local people.

The event was attended by Bengkalis Secretary, dr. Ersan Saputra; Assistant of Economy and Development Bengkalis Secretariat, Toharuddin, many heads of subs districts, and other officials in the district. (T2)