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To Know FFB Quality

foto by Caesare Fathurrahman/Sawitfest 2021
To Know FFB Quality

InfoSAWIT, ACEH – Palm oil industry really depends on fresh fruit bunch (FFB) quality in producing crude palm oil (CPO). The FFB quality would play significant roles to determine CPO quality as well.

That is why Management Advisor of Palm Oil Mill, Prof. Ponten Marulitua Naibaho said, there are some things to determine FFB quality, such as, its mature for it has something to do with yield to produce CPO. Raw FFB would have lower yield.

Raw FFB, would have something to do with low extraction besides having low oil. “IT needs more time to boil than boiling mature one,” Prof Naibaho said when being a speaker in the 4th Andalas Forum in Banda Aceh, Thursday (19/10/2023)

He also mentioned, the dura yield is lower than the tenera yield. Raw FFB, brood FFB, bruised FFB showed the high loss of oil (1.65 %), the waste substance because of brood caused non-effective compression and oil loss in the waste would be high (< 4% wb).

Meanwhile FFB with low seeds because not being taken or distributed to other mill would cause CPO yield low. “Water substance in FFB because of intensive rain would reduce CPO and kernel yield,” Prof. Naibaho said. (T2)