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FONAP in German: Ministry of Agriculture Delivered Information about Sustainable Palm Oil Practices in Indonesia

Special doc/Ministry of Agriculture about Sustainable Palm Oil Practices in Indonesia
FONAP in German: Ministry of Agriculture Delivered Information about Sustainable Palm Oil Practices in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, COLOGNE – More than 70 participants from many sectors, such as, politics, industries, people gathered in Sustainable Palm Oil Forum in ANUGA 2023 Exhibition. It was initiated by German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO) and Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP). It was the important discussion about free deforestation - palm oil and cocoa production

The main focus in the forum was about European Union regulation to fight European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) which is the monumental thing from European Union to fight deforestation and protect forests in the world.

Olaf Schäfer from Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food (BMEL) did welcome every participant by saying that EUDR is significant in agricultural supply chain. He also emphasized that information exchange is important to solve the challenges in deforestation. He congratulated GISCO and FONAP for the event.

Meanwhile, Minister in duty of Agriculture, Arief Prasetyo Adi said that it is important to get back the plantation glory in Indonesia. He also mentioned that General Directorate of Plantation should be in charge to sustainably develop palm oil and cocoa, just like the markets namely in Europe, demand on.

It needs to involve smallholders in palm oil and cocoa supply chain globally and inclusively. They also focused on the smallholders’ rights, their welfare, sustainable market access by obeying sustainable development goals (SDGs) principles.

Director of Plantation Production Market and Process, Prayudi Syamsuri also told what Indonesia has done to develop traceability system in national scale through Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). He emphasized development system in digital platform, Sistem Informasi Perijinan Perkebunan (Siperibun) that shows data and information about companies and palm oil plantation companies in Indonesia.

“Smallholders’ plantations in special, General Directorate of Plantation is developing Sistem Terpadu Pendaftaran Usaha Budidaya Perkebunan Untuk Pekebun Swadaya (E-STDB). The online platform is about to ease every phase to publish Cultivation Document which is very important to get transparent ISPO and certification for palm oil in Indonesia,” he noted, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Ministry of Agriculture, Friday (20/10/2023).

By having the collaboration among the governments, industries, and people, Sustainable Palm Oil Forum ANUGA 2023 delivered the same commitment to realize sustainable cocoa and palm oil production, maintain the forests in the world, empower smallholders in the supply chain globally. These would support SDGs, create strong foundation for the future of the industries in Indonesia and in the world. (T2)