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Introducing Environmental Batik, Kampoeng Laweyan Uses Malam in Palm Oil - Base

Doc. of InfoSAWIT/ Deputy Director RSPO, M. Windrawan introduced sustainable palm oil products.
Introducing Environmental Batik, Kampoeng Laweyan Uses Malam in Palm Oil - Base

InfoSAWIT, SOLO – Batik community in Kampoeng Laweyan keeps maintaining the cultural heritage in Indonesia. In cooperation with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Kampoeng Laweyan launched innovative initiative which is, training to make batik. The collaboration is about to get batik as a culture go forward while introducing environmental products to the markets.

Deputy Director RSPO, M. Windrawan said that the traditional material to do batik derives from petro-chemical (in crude oil – base) which is non-environmental. That is why RSPO starts the good initiative by introducing environmental malam ins sustainable palm oil – base to do batik.

The initiative is also about to promote the use of sustainable palm oil as alternative material to substitute petro-chemical material. “We hope that batik would be sustainable product because it was produced by using sustainable palm oil,” Windrawan said to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (19/10/2023) in Solo.

Producing batik training involved Forum Kerjasama Batik Laweyan (FPKBL), researchers from Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN), and Media InfoSAWIT. The collaboration would enable to combine traditional knowledge and scientific research, create various learnings.

By combining traditional skills and sustainable innovation, the project would protect cultural heritage and conserve the environment itself.

The project was supported by Media InfoSAWIT, news platform which is known to fight for sustainable palm oil industries. The news agency would provide the latest information and condition about palm oil batik development, confirm that the people would get the project development easily.

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