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Indonesian CPO Exchange: The Way to Improve CPO Trade in Indonesia

Doc. of Public Relation of Ministry of Trade/The launching of Indonesia CPO Exchange
Indonesian CPO Exchange: The Way to Improve CPO Trade in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan launched crude palm oil (CPO) physical trade market at Indonesian CPO Exchange on Friday (13/10) in Jakarta. It was the breakthrough that Ministry of Trade would do through Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency. Besides Indonesian CPO Exchange should also encourage to get CPO reference price.

The launching was attended by related ministries/institutions, such as, The Secretariat, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, associations in palm oil, Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), and academy. Minister Hasan; General Secretary, Suhanto; Head of Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency, Didid Noordiatmoko; General Inspector ,Frida  Adiati; General Director of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Moga Simatupang; Head of Trade Policy Agency, Kasan; Expert Staff in Management and Governance, Veri Anggrijono; Special Staff in International Trade Agreement, Bara Hasibuan; and officials in echelon II in Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency.

“The launching of Indonesian CPO Exchnage would be the breakthrough to improve CPO trade governance in exchange and to reinforce CPO trade performance as one mainstay commodity in Indonesia. Besides, it was the commitment of Ministry of Trade to encourage CPO price decision which is transparent, accountable, fair, and real time for big, medium companies, and smallholders,” he said, Hasan as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Minister Zulkifli Hasan also told that Indonesia contributes more than 50 percent of CPO needs in the world but does not its own reference price. It is still decided from Rotterdam and Malaysia.

“Through CPO transaction in Indonesian CPO Exchange, it is hoped to get CPO price that would be the reference for traders in the future, Indonesia is the biggest CPO producer in the world but has not its own reference. We got many complaints from stakeholders by saying that it is not good to get reference price from other countries. This impacted to downstream sectors, such as, stakeholders would pay higher taxes. That is why the government facilitated to establish Indonesian CPO Exchange so that in the future it would be market influencer for the world,” he said.

He also mentioned, CPO is the strategic commodity in Indonesia. In 2022 CPO production in this country reached 46,73 million tons with the export reaching USD 29,62 billion. In May 2023, CPO production in Indonesia reached 20,86 million tons or higher 15,74 million tons to Malaysia.

Besides, CPO trade in the exchange would be the infrastructures for industries or mills to get commodity transaction in competitive price. “The launching is the commitment of Ministry of Trade to create CPO trade ecosystem,” Minister Zulkifli Hasan said. (T2)