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Palm Oil Case in 2019 was Headline Again: Chairman of KNPI Riau: "Kampar Attorney: What Is Going On?”

Palm Oil Case in 2019 was Headline Again: Chairman of KNPI Riau:

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – The mistery of palm oil (fresh fruit bunch/FFB) stealing in Kota Batak, Tapung Raya, District of Kampar started being known.

The case has been in investigation phase after Kampar Police claimed it complete to Kampar Attorney.

About this case, Chairman of Komite Nasional Pemuda Indonesia (KNPI) Riau Province, Larshen Yunus said the if the information is true, it is bad because there is still illegal action to solve the case behind the door, which is, the documents of the case were torn apart by Kampar Attorney at the time.

He also said the legal supremacy should run as its corridor. There should be no stigma that legal enforcement is sharp to the lower but blunt to the upper.

“What we know is that there has been suspect in the case. The suspect was called to be questioned by public investigations of Kampar Attorney. We don’t really know how it happened but the case was gone at a glance of an eye. It is said that personal(s) of Indonesian Attorney from Jakarta, had something to do with the case,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Tuesday (3/10/2023).

He also told that many aspects could be processed in the FFB stealing, such as, the first, the information told that the owner and highest management of the company as the suspect, substituted every management structure (directors) from initial NT to NT also who is also a step brother of the company’s owner.

The second, after speculation was accomplished in notary, bad will started to happen by dictating legal officers. The third that revealing the case should be the sample that attorney officers should get law enforcement fair.

“Dear Attorney besides we delivered official documents, KNPI Riau team would immediately arrange plan to get demonstration in front of your office. Please clarify the case. FFB stealing always happens. The stolen ones are taken as habits. Palm oil ecosystem is interrupt because of few irresponsible men,” he said.

When the news was broadcasted, Tuesday (3/10/2023) KNPI Riau advocacy team would be more serious to get the real perpetuators and there should be law enforcement.

“We would reveal the case, starting from Kota Batak, Tapung Raya, District of Kampar. The illegal practices made everything mass up. FFB gets cheaper. Smallholders get more difficult. Middlemen get profits, dance on other’s suffer,” Larshen said. (T2)