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Together with PFMA, IPS Conducted Talkshow Planters #2 in Riau To Educate and Transfer Knowledge

placate to Chairman of IPS Riau which was recently established in the spare time of Talk Show Planters #2 in Riau.
Together with PFMA, IPS Conducted Talkshow Planters #2 in Riau To Educate and Transfer Knowledge

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – Just like the previous event, Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) re-conducted Talk Show Planters #2 in Pekanbaru, Riau Province.

Chairman of IPS, Jamalul said the event was about to educate and transfer knowledge about field practices for every participant.

He also said, the participants in the event were from independent smallholders, groups of unions, workers in big private companies, academy, and representatives of regional governments.

“To deliver accurate information, the speakers were from field practitioners in palm oil plantations. They are full of experiences in their parts. Some worked at big palm oil plantation companies both starting from new planting until processing fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in mills. Some from plantation agency, PT. Kharisma Pemasaran Bersama Nusantara (KPBN) that deals with crude palm oil trade, and other commodities,” he said in the Talk Show Planters #2 with the theme “Kemitraan Planters Profesional Dengan Pekebun Rakyat Untuk Meningkatkan Produktivitas Sawit Yang Lestari Dalam Rangka Mendukung Sawit Baik”, in Pekanbaru, Riau Province, Saturday (16/9/2023).

Jamalul continued the event was the same with the full support from the government through Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) that has vision as sustainable and trusted palm oil fund agency to welfare the people of Indonesia, namely the smallholders; with its missions, to develop human resources, enlighten palm oil plantation practitioners.

“The program was welcome by many participants. The practitioners want to be the members of IPS and would support, get mutual benefits to distribute fund and share knowledge and experience. In the future it is hoped Indonesia would be the basic for the world about anything in palm oil (sectors),” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sunday, (17/9/2023).

For information, the event ran in three session. Every discussion was interesting. The first session discussed about the roles of supporting infrastructures to support palm oil production. The second session was about selecting superior seeds to realize the production targets by smallholders; and the third was about fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price decision in the province to encourage smallholders’ production.

“Representing every coordinator in IPS, we hope that the Talkshow Planter #2 would be the useful one for every one of use, make products of thought, contribute and be in synergy with the governments and private sectors in every sector,” he said. (T2)