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Analyze Social Conflict, It Needs to Get Just Transition Concept in Palm Oil Industries

Foto by Andi qudratullah/Sawit Fest 2021
Analyze Social Conflict, It Needs to Get Just Transition Concept in Palm Oil Industries

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR – Labor issues in palm oil plantations are not significant matters to know monitor palm oil supply chain namely about poverty and unfairness that many labors bore. Meanwhile environmental issues become the prior ones discussed in palm oil industries. Just transition should be taken as one concept to get the two interests at once.

Just transition may mean there would be one comprehensive and flexible approach to help labors that got negative impacts in cost and challenges about climate change and transformation process heading to ‘green’ economy.

Chairman of Serikat Buruh Sawit Sejahtera (SBSS), Robiyansih said many companies operated in bad ways, delivered ‘sweet’ promises for the people so that the people would sell their areas to the companies.

“The people were tempted for the promises to work at the companies. In fact, they were hired by third sides. Actually the promises of the companies are lies. There is no welfare for the people,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (16/9/2023).

He also said, the local governments may not care about what labors are facing. In fact, the local governments published permits to the companies to operate. “I think the local governments should analyze the issues that companies made in our region,” he said in a discussion entitled, Transisi yang Berkeadilan dalam Industri Sawit,  bertajuk “Konsepsi tentang Transisi Industri Sawit yang Berkeadilan,” Thursday, 14 September 2023 virtually in Zoom and Youtube.

The same thing was told by representative of the Melak, East Kalimantan Province, Stella A Putri. The operational of many palm oil plantation companies in the province particularly in Suakong really damages environment and social for the people.

The companies seized local people’s areas with the modus using bulldozer without the permits of area owners. “The areas were damaged so that local people could do nothing and should be sell cheap to the companies. In environment perspective, chemical substances from the mills polluted the rivers and many fishes died. Many people get sick from skin diseases,” Stella said.

She also told, concept ‘justtransition in palm oil industries’ could solve the issues we are facing still, not only for the labors but also the indigenous group face for having their rights seized. “We have no many areas to cultivate, to farm, to plant vegetables, and our rivers are polluted. We have to notice these,” Stella said. (T2)