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Chairman of Apkasindo: Ministry and Institution that Deal with Palm Oil Fund Might Not Be Powerful for the Last Year: What Happened?

Doc. of Apkasindo for InfoSAWIT/ Universitas Nahdatul Ulama West Kalimantan (UNU) signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IPOA West Kalimantan and APKASINDO West Kalimantan.
Chairman of Apkasindo: Ministry and Institution that Deal with Palm Oil Fund Might Not Be Powerful for the Last Year: What Happened?

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAKWhen delivering public speech entitled 'Sawit Pemersatu Bangsa' before the students of Faculty of Agriculture of Universitas Nahdatul Ulama (UNU) West Kalimantan, Chairman of (DPP) Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo), Gulat Manurung told that palm oil is one commodity that united the nation because palm oil plantations laid on from Aceh to Papua Province. He also emphasized that skillful and educated human resources in this industry would be the sustainable key.

In the public lecture in the hall of Faculty of Agriculture, UNU Pontianak, he also told about every issue that planters face, namely the smallholders in the upstream sector of these industries, such as, the first, the certain legal in palm oil upstream – downstream sectors. It always happened that regulations keep being substituted and many regulations are not synchronized with nowadays palm oil economy.

The second, forest regions which are “cawe-cawe” where palm oil plantations develop. The third, about fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price which is always not stable because there is no transparent and accountability in mills, and legality to decide FFB price is irrelevant anymore, which is, the Regulation of Minister of Agriculture Number 1 / 2018.

the fourth, human resources in smallholders, and the fifth, programs in Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) that relate to smallholders, do not run maximally and tend to be minimal, such as, smallholders replanting program, and infrastructures. These happen because the regulation about palm oil fund is beyond they could afford. The sixth, many legal officers pressed PFMA about the fund PFMA and ministry of agriculture manage.

As in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Sunday (17/9/2023), he emphasized that fund that PFMA manages is from palm oil levy not the national budget. If there is fraud, it should be taken to the court. But if the issue is about administration only, it should be taken to inspectorate in ministry of agriculture.

He also mentioned that in the past year, the official in ministry and institution that deal with palm oil fund were not working hard because the pressure from legal officers in inspection. Though the official in ministry and institution admit that they are in charge, Manurung hoped they really care that palm oil fund from PFMA is significant for smallholders.

In West Kalimantan Province, what he said is real namely in FFB price which is not always stable because what plantation agency decided is not the same with what the mills announced (to smallholders). He also told about unperfect FFB price decision by plantation agency itself.

He proposed that it needs closer supervision from legal officers to confirm that FFB price is fair in the field namely because many mills operate in districts. The cooperation with regional governments (regents), local attorney and resort policy is needed to legal enforcement namely about FFB price decision for smallholders.

In the same time, Universitas Nahdatul Ulama Wes Kalimantan signed memorandum of understanding with Indonesian Palm Oil Plantation (IPOA) West Kalimantan and Apkasindo West Kalimantan about plantation grant for the students from Apkasindo that laid about 20 hectares. UNU is the active partner of Apkasindo to support human resource in palm oil industries namely by delivering scholarship for the smallholders’ children.

Chairman of Apkasindo West Kalimantan Province, Indra Rustandi appreciated UNU for delivering scholarship for smallholders’ children knowing that in the previous year, many of them failed to get human resource scholarship from PFMA. He also hoped UNU could be the partner that provides scholarship from PFMA in 2024 because palm oil plantation potential in the province is massive.

The public lecture was attended by Dr. Tri Chandra Aprianto, Special Staff Assistant of Vice President in Disadvantaged Area Alleviation; Dr. Rachmat Saputra, Director of UNU West Kalimantan; Purwanti (Chairman of IPOA West Kalimantan); Indra Rustandi (Chairman of Apkasindo West Kalimantan); management of PT KSP Agro, and the students of Faculty of Agriculture UNU. (T2)