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4 Important Messages from Smallholders to President Candidate, Ganjar Pranowo

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4 Important Messages from Smallholders to President Candidate, Ganjar Pranowo

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – President election is ahead. Some groups in society voted for one candidate of president.

The smallholders, as one profession, vote for president candidate, just like associations, groups, and plantation unions in many regions in Indonesia.

By the early September 2023, they declared to win Ganjar Pranowo to be President of Indonesia 2024 – 2029 in Jakarta.

In the event, there were four messages that smallholders delivered to win him, the first, conduct consolidation in smallholders’ group, plantation plots, and smallholders’ plantation villages.

The second, carry out sustainability message and spirit to get smallholders in Indonesia go forward for independency, welfare, and sustainable. The third, express as wide as possible to escalate smallholders’ economic durability by escalating plantation additional values in smallholders’ economic institutions, villages, and rural.

The fourth, carry out smallholders’ welfare message by expanding health service freely, educational service for smallholders’ children, agricultural insurance when fresh fruit bunch gets cheaper and the impact of climate change.

Declarator of Ganjar Pranowo for smallholders in Indonesia, Mansuetus Dartos id that the background of the declaration was the assessment from many parties including smallholders for Ganjar Pranowo’s commitment and track records to struggle for the smallholders or farmers’ interests. Ganjar’s ideas and services for smallholders (farmers) in Central Java by constructing infrastructures and other services are the real commitment for farmers (smallholders).

“That is why we get Ganjar Pranowo to vote and he would struggle for the smallholders’ interests in Indonesia for the next period,” he said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT recently.

Ganjar Pranowo was attending the event online. Ganjar thought, the smallholders are very strategic group. From many available aspirations, the government would focus on how palm oil downstream sectors should be developed in smallholders’ bases to get palm oil supply chain in the future globally to deliver bigger additional values for every planter particularly the smallholders in Indonesia. In his last speech of the declaration, Ganjar ordered smallholders to sat set gas pol!. (T2)