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Palm Oil Shell Exports from West Sulawesi to Japan Reached US$ 1,2 Million

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Palm Oil Shell Exports from West Sulawesi to Japan Reached US$ 1,2 Million

InfoSAWIT, BELANG-BELANG – The Customs of Indonesia keeps trying to optimize customs service namely in export activity. The commitment was just recently reflected by delivering export service and monitoring by Parepare Customs for PT Jambi Semesta Biomassa.

On Sunday, 3 September 2023, the company successfully export palm oil shell to Japan. 10.906,66 metric tons of shell were uploaded to MV Green Future with the goal Maizuru Port in Japan through Pelabuhan Belang-Belang in West Sulawesi Province.

Through the exports, Indonesia got export income for about US$ 1.254.266,59. Besides the income, the exports also contributed to revenue through customs and palm oil levy with the total Rp 834.633.000 and Rp 500.780.000 for each. This also showed the positivity for the increasing export volume from Indonesia.

Japan is really interested in palm oil shell from Indonesia because it could be the source of primer energy which is environmental and sustainable. Palm oil shell is potential biomass that could be processed to be downstream product.

Data from Ministry of Industry revealed Indonesia has its potential to produce 11 million tons of palm oil shell every year but 3,5 million tons were still exported in half-products.

Head of Internal Compliance and Counseling Pare-pare Customs, Muh. Daud M said that exports of palm oil shell as downstream biomass product from Indonesia should develop to support downstream program in palm oil industries nationally. To facilitate the progress and execute the roles, his side would be as the industrial support and trade facilitator. Pare-pare Customs would escalate its export services.

“We would provide export help program for shell (stakeholders) and confirm that there would be optimally export service and monitoring,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of Customs. (T2)