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Taskforce and Acceleration to Solve Palm Oil Plantations in Forest Regions

Foto by Fitra Yogi/Sawit Fest 2021
Taskforce and Acceleration to Solve Palm Oil Plantations in Forest Regions

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the recent days, President Joko Widodo established Taskforce of Palm Oil Plantation Governance by publishing President’s Decision Number 9 / 2023 about Taskforce of Escalating Palm Oil Plantation Governance and Optimizing Revenue. The taskforce is led and managed by Coordinator Minister in Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan and has 18 members from related ministries/institutions.

One reason to establish the taskforce was to deliver answer why palm oil plantations in forest regions are slowly to get solution by Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF), knowing that the time limit as regulated in Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja (UUCK) in Chapter 110A and 110B should be by 2 November 2023.

MEF in the socialization to solve palm oil plantations in forest regions, Monday (17/7/2023) at Hotel Sultan Jakarta told that the total palm oil plantations in forest regions laid about 3.374.041 hectares. In details, palm oil plantations in conservation forest laid about 91.074 hectares, in protected forests laid about 155.119 hectares, in permanent production forest laid about 501.572 hectares, in limited production forests laid about 1.497.421 hectares, and in conversed production forests laid about 1.128.854 hectares.

By April 2023, MEF published 12 decisions of minister that were full of thousands of legal subjects that have no forest permit that laid about 913.350 hectares. It means, there are about 2.223.180 hectares unprocessed and unpublished decision by MEF. From the unprocessed ones, by MEF, 514.886 hectares have been identified to belong to the people, and 1.708.294 hectares have not identified still.

To accelerate what MEF would do, palm oil governance taskforce made a breakthrough that every planter is obliged to get self-reporting through Sistem Informasi Perizinan Perkebunan or Siperibun. The time limit would be on 2 August 2023. If they do not get self-reporting, every planter that cultivate in forest regions would get the sanction in forest crime by the law officers.

Forest Area Tenure

Palm oil plantations in forest areas without having permit, as a matter of fact, is one issue in tenant conflict of forest areas among the planters as individuals and legal institutions with the country, cq. MEF. It has been happening for too long without clear resolution.

The direction of resolution could be known after UUCK was published in 2021. Though one controversial condition is that UUCK delivers the spirit on strong conflict resolution for planters in forest regions. The spirit can be seen in Chapter 110A and 110B. These two chapters mandate conflict resolution on palm oil plantation business without permit, can eb solved by restorative justice and ultimum remedium (*)

By: Ahmad Zazali, SH., SH. /Chairman of Legal Center and Conflict Resolution/Managing Partner AZ Law Office & Conflict Resolution Center

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