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PMP Got Enterprise Award from Health Insurance Sorong

Doc. of PMP for InfoSAWIT/ Apresiasi kepada Badan Usaha yang meraih penghargaan dalam ajang Badan Usaha Award.
PMP Got Enterprise Award from Health Insurance Sorong

InfoSAWIT, SORONG – Palm oil plantation company, PT Putera Manunggal Perkasa (PMP), the subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk. (ANJ) in District of South Selatan and Maybrat justgot awards at Badan Usaha Award as “Peraih Badan Usaha Award Kategori Pekerja Download MJKN Terbanyak Tingkat Kantor Cabang Skala Badan Usaha Besar” from BPJS Kesehatan Kedeputian Wilayah XII, City of Sorong, Thursday (31/8).

Badan Usaha Award was about to deliver appreciation and award for cooperatively registering their workers and families, right on time to pay dues, the biggest percentage of workers that downloaded Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) application, enterprise within the best edabu advantages, and strongly dedicated to develop awareness about JKN program to the local people.

Deputy Directors in Wilayah XII Health Insurance, Mangisi Raja Simarmata told that Badan Usaha Award is one strategy to escalate engangement with enterprises to maintain partnership connection/relation to be better supporting JKN program in Papua.

Badan Usaha Award is the appreciation for every enterprise that joins and succeeds the government’s strategic program. What they achieved is their supports by delivering easiness for their workers to access Health Insurance and JKN application,” Simarmata said in his speech.

Meanwhile Head of Government and Stakeholder Relation, ANJ in Papua, Gritje Fonataba told that health and safety for every worker are the most important factors for ANJ Group. If they are healthy and easily accessing health infrastructures, their productivity, as it is hoped, would be increasing.

“This is the first time PMP got award in Badan Usaha Award from Health Insurance Kedeputian Wilayah XII. Of course, the award is a pride. As palm oil plantation company, ANJ Group always obey every available regulation, including fulfilling every obligation to deliver social protection for the workers,” Gritje Fonataba said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Friday, (1/9/2023). (T2)