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Here are the Winners of ‘Lomba Twibon’ in Commemorating the 78th Indonesia’s Independence -day

Doc. InfoSAWIT
Here are the Winners of ‘Lomba Twibon’ in Commemorating the 78th Indonesia’s Independence -day

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the commemoration of the 78th Indonesia’s Independence – day, media InfoSAWIT did special event. It was a unique competition called "Lomba Twibbon" in Instagram platform.

The competition which was running on 17 - 23 August 2023 was about to take the people to be active in celebrating independence-day and showing their active support to develop sustainable palm oil plantations. “Many people from the regions in Indonesia took part in the competition by uploading their creative and inspired actions. It is hoped we would involve to show our patriotism and the love of our country,” Editorial in Chief of InfoSAWIT, Ignatius Ery Kurniawan said when announcing the winners of the competition, Thursday (24/8/2023).

After having close evaluation process, eventually, five winners were selected to be the champion. They are, Fahmi Firdaus, a people of Bekasi, West Java; Thomas from Yogyakarta; Agil Septiawan of South Kalimantan Province; Karima al-Mukarramah, from North Mamuju; and Khadijah from Polewali Mandar. Besides, there is favorite winner that got ‘like’ the most in the competition. He is Rommel Gultom from Jambi Province. The winner would get appreciation for their creative action and would get fund Rp. 100 thousand for each winner.

The competition also showed the spirit of unity and oneness of Indonesia to face the challenges in the global level, and the way to go forward. Ery also underlined that it is important to develop sustainable palm oil industries. “With the national theme in the 78th Indonesia’s Independence -day, ‘Terus Melaju untuk Indonesia Maju’, InfoSAWIT takes everyone to collaborate and make this sector go forward without ignoring every responsibility to the environment and people around,” Ery said.

Eventually, the 78th Indonesia’s Independence-day commemoration would not be a competition only but also be the moment to remind that the people play important roles as citizens to maintain and make Indonesia go forward in a better future. wait for other competitions that InfoSAWIT would conduct. (T2)