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To Know More about The Palm Oil Ambassador (Part 3): Started Working and Developing His Own Company

To Know More about The Palm Oil Ambassador (Part 3): Started Working and Developing His Own Company

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – After graduating from his study and got the title as technical engineer from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1966, Bangun remembered his high school experiences. Because the salary and facilities in the plantations were better, he applied PPN (Perusahaan Perkebunan Negara) as ex-Socfin on 8 November 1966. 

At the time, when the company wanted to employ new worker(s), it needed to get permit from Minister of Plantation - Drs Frans Seda. In short, Bangun Bangun was hired and worked at PPN (ex- Socfin on 1 February 1967 as II Technician at Perkebunan Mata Pao and Perkebunan Bangun Bandar. It is his destiny to work at palm oil plantations and he consistently did for decades. It leads Bangun to be a palm oil – world class – figure.

When working at Socfindo, Bangun learnt French. His consideration was that he would go to Belgium and would visit French. The Belgium speaks two languages – Netherland and French.

Bangun was very happy to be working as technician. Every success would come fast if someone loves what he does. It would be easy to get tired or bored. These happened to Bangun.

He successfully got better careers in Socfindo. He modernized the mill and developed new one(s). Not only that, Bangun also increased crude palm oil (CPO) yield and minimized the substance of FFA (Free Fatty Acid). 

He also searched for solution to minimize environmental impacts from palm oil mills both by the government and private plantation companies. In 1980s many did not notice the issues.

In 1968 to 1972, Bangun was invited by Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU), City of Medan to be a lecturer at Faculty of Engineer Majoring Machine.

In 1968 precisely on 16 June, Bangun got married with the girl of his dream, Jendamita beru Sembiring. They have two sons and a daughter. They are Fernando Bangun, Lolita beru Bangun, and Ronaldo Bangun. They now have six grandchildren from the three.

Soon after, Beru Sembiring would help Bangun to manage a family business (palm oil plantation company). When she did daily work, beru Sembiring always prayed. As long as they live, Bangun and beru Sembiring deliver much for the people, including helping a religion community - GBKP (Gereja Batak Karo Protestan). Beru Sembiring and Bangun helped praying infrastructures. They named it Taman Doa Sola Gratia (YSG) in Durin Simbelang.

After finishing his formal education and became an engineer, in 1986, Bangun joined Senior Executive Program at Sloan School of Management in Massachusset Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, United States of America. Not only to get knowledge there, Bangun got valuable inner experiences for his future life.

To get deeper understanding about palm oil trade in international level, in 1993,  Bangun registered a course at FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seed, and Fats Association) in  London, United Kingdom with his own money. FOSFA has members from many producer and trader associations whole over the world. FOSFA got influences because every trade was always guided with a contract called, FOSFA Contract.

His insight and knowledges from FOSFA would be useful him to lead Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA).

Bangun involved in arranging the quality standards to export some palm oil derivative products which are available until now.

For his knowledges and experiences in palm oil sector, Bangun developed his own plantations, had consultant services to develop a factory (mill). Long before that, Bangun was always called to deliver mill consultation services.

After 22 years working at Socfindo Bangun thought that his goal of life had not been reachable yet. He then resigned from his work in 1989.

After not working at Socfindo anymore, Bangun focused to develop more palm oil plantation (companies) that he did before, which were PT Kinar Lapiga and PT Tara Bintang Nusa and one mill consultation service (PT Konsultan Tri Upaya). He then developed more - PT Bukit Mas Sawit Subur. Bangun was entrusted to be independent commissioner of PT. Tolan Tiga from a Belgium company - Sipef.  (to be continued)

By: Maruli Pardamean/Author and Palm Oil Plantation Practitioner