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700 Companies Do not Report into Siperibun: Luhut Delivered Second Chance

Doc. of Coordinator Ministry in Maritime and Invesment for InfoSAWIT/700 Companies Did not Report into Siperibun.
700 Companies Do not Report into Siperibun: Luhut Delivered Second Chance

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil taskforce said that 1.870 companies took participation in self-reporting in Sistem Informasi Perizinan Perkebunan or Siperibun. The numbers increased from only 959 companies. Unfortunately, about 700 companies do not report their data into Siperibun.

In the evaluation it was found that some companies do not upload their maps in digital formats about business rights permit, location permit, plantation business, and the plantation realization. Besides, the companies should also upload their permits in scan format, map attachment in PDF format and also such permits mentioned above.

The issues can be seen from the facts that only 669 digital maps of location permit and 835 digital maps of plantation business permit that have been uploaded into Siperibun of the numbers of companies. The taskforce delivered second chance for the companies to improve their data quality that starts from 23 August to 9 September 2023.

Besides, Chairman of Steering Team of Taskforce of Improving Palm Oil Governance and Optimizing Revenue who is also Coordinator Minister in Maritime and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan told that self-reporting would deliver the positive to accelerate palm oil plantation issue in forest regions, according to Chapter 110A and 110B in Undang-Undang Cipta Kerja.

The taskforce delivered the last chance for the companies to register and improve their data quality that would be available on 23 August to 8 September 2023.

"I emphasized the companies that have been writted in the Decision of Data and Information and being processed in Ministry of Environment and Forestry, are obliged to report their data into Siperibun without exception,” Pandjaitan said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Wednesday (23/8/2023).

In this context, he also said that some companies registered and written in the Decision of Data and Information do not get self-report in Siperibun. Data from the taskforce showed that 647 companies which were identified in Decision of Data and Information do not get self-reporting. He also encouraged the companies to qualify their obligation to improve palm oil industrial governance and optimizing the country’ revenue from the sector.

To maintain transparency and prioritize accountability, palm oil taskforce gets good coordination with the Attorney and Corruption Eradication Commission to verify every data in Siperibun. This is about to confirm that the verification process runs well and according to every principle regulated.

“The companies should attend to verify their data and should deliver constructive contribution. We emphasize our commitment to run the process fairly and firmly. Once again, we would deliver chance for every company to obey self-reporting but for the companies that do not report, the government would take action firmly,” Pandjaitan said. (T2)