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Agriculture Quarantine of Pangkalpinang: Palm Oil Kernel Would Run Well

Agriculture Quarantine of Pangkalpinang: Palm Oil Kernel Would Run Well

InfoSAWIT, BELITUNG TIMUR – On Sunday, 18 June 2023, Agriculture Quarantine of Pangkalpinang through Port of Tanjung Pandan successfully gave services to export 1.500 tons of palm oil kernel.

The institution closely checked and recheck every media that transport kernel before KM Karunia Permai shipped to Port of Tarahan in Lampung Province.

Palm oil kernel was claimed to be healthy one after having series of close check by Yahya Firdaus, the agricultural quarantine officer in Pangkalpinang. The check was not only to guarantee the carriers’ quality but also protect environmental health, security of the agricultural sources.

As the preventive thing, after being claimed to be free from disease and other contaminants, palm oil kernel was certified KT-12 by the authority. The certificate is the proof that the product that would be passing through some areas, qualified the quarantine standards and could safely be moved one to another.

Head of Agriculture Quarantine Pangkalpinang, Herwintarti said that it is the commitment of the institution to guarantee healthy palm oil kernel so that the media that transports or carries it would be optimal. “The institution would confirm that the transportation would not carry health risk for the goal region,” she said, as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Monday (14/8/2023).

It was not only the obligation but also the real thing to maintain agricultural industrial sustainability and maintain food security. Agriculture quarantine of Pangkalpinang also takes part to maintain agricultural stability in the economic issues globally by closing examining and checking transportation media of palm oil kernel. (T2)