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For Misplacing to Drape Flag, Mill Worker Was Arrested in Riau

Doc. of screen shot/ RH (22) a worker that was suspected to drape flag to his vet.
For Misplacing to Drape Flag, Mill Worker Was Arrested in Riau

 InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU – It was controversial when a mill worker in Riau Province, known as, RH (22) was arrested by police officers after a viral video showed that he was assumed to drape red and white flag to his dog. Many reacted for his action, including other workers where he was working at.

As InfoSAWIT quoted from detikSumut, RH was taken by police from PT Sawit Agung Sejahtera (SAS) in District of Bengkalis. This seriously raised controversy for it is heading to the Independence-day of Indonesia.

The video showed a dog with red white flag on its neck. It was viral in many social media, raising protests, bad words, and emotion from the people. They tried to ask for RH to untie the flag but RH refused for that was one way to celebrate August 17th – as the Independence – day of Indonesia.

Police Chief of Bengkalis, AKBP Bimo said that RH and other worker were debating with full of emotion. RH finally did as a viral video showed. The local authority quickly responded. Army in Village of Semunai directly rushed to the location of PT SAS and found that the situation got increasing for many people attended the location.

To prevent the worse, RH was finally secured and arrested by Police of Pinggir to get interview. Police officers hoped there would be real facts why RH did it. The police still investigated if breaking the laws might happen. (T2)