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Bengkalis Targets to Realize 500 Hectares Smallholders’ Plantation in 2023

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Bengkalis Targets to Realize 500 Hectares Smallholders’ Plantation in 2023

InfoSAWIT, MANDAU - District of Bengkalis has wide palm oil plantations. Data from plantation statistic in 2021 showed that palm oil plantations laid about 130.547,7 hectares with the smallholders about 41.650 families in many districts.

Regent of Bengkalis, Kasmarni said it needs to optimize the potential sustainably because it is one pillar of people’s economy. The government through Ministry of Agriculture published an important policy that delivers chances for smallholders to escalate their plantation productivity.

He also told one action is smallholders replanting program that the funds derived from Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA).

“In 2023, District of Bengkalis targets to realize SRP for 500 hectares,” he said when inaugurating Smallholders Replanting Program Socialization in District of Bengkalis in 2023, Tuesday, (23/5/2023) at Hotel Susuka Duri.

Kasmarni hoped the smallholders could implement the program and get full supports from the central government to realize independency, sovereignty, and welfare of the smallholders in the district.

In the socialization he also took every party to reinforce the same synergy, coordination, understanding, and perception to realize SRP.

“I suggest head of sub district, village, technical units, and other related parties to help the planters (smallholders) in this program based on the available regulations,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of District of Bengkalis.

It was attended by members of Bengkalis Legislators, Hendri and Rianto; Head of Plantation Agency District of Bengkalis, Muhammad Azmir; and some other officials and participants. (T2)