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East Kalimantan Plantation Agency Encouraged Smallholders’ Plantations to Adopt ISPO

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East Kalimantan Plantation Agency Encouraged Smallholders’ Plantations to Adopt ISPO

InfoSAWIT, BALIKPAPAN – The Government of Indonesia seriously pays attention to develop palm oil in this country because it is the strategic commodity and delivers the biggest exchanges from non-oil and gas sectors.

Data from Central Bureau of Statistic (CBS) East Kalimantan Province mentioned, palm oil contribution to gross regional domestic product (GRDP) in East Kalimantan through agriculture sector reached 4,9 percent. In September 2022, smallholder plantation exchange rate reached 154.

Head of East Kalimantan Plantation Agency, Ahmad Muzakkirn said that the fast palm oil plantation development has its new challenges, such as, negative campaigns and palm oil criminalization.

“Concerning that palm oil plantations deliver employment for many men to work and contribute to the country’s exchange, it needs to get efficient, effective, fair, and sustainable cultivation to support the economic progress nationally,” he said when attending an event, ‘Acceleration Socialization on Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) for Smallholders’ Plantations’ at Hotel Golden Tulip, Tuesday, (23/5/2023).

Muzakkir also told, December 2022 data showed that the total plantation commodity in the province laid about 1,57 million hectares – palm oil laid about 1,41 million hectares (89,59 percent) that consisted of big plantations that laid 1,02 million hectares (73 percent) and the smallholders’ plantations that laid 0,37 million hectares (22 percent).

There are new and important things in ISPO certification through President’s Regulation Number 44 / 2020. One of the points is that ISPO certification is a mandatory for planters and companies. It is available for only five years after the regulation was published.

“It needs to accelerate ISPO certification for smallholders’ plantation,” he said, as InfoSAWIT quoted from the official page of East Kalimantan Province.

It needs to do it from now to prepare and support independent smallholders because they have limit. That is why East Kalimantan Province through Plantation Agency is trying to accelerate the program for smallholders.

Muzakkir realized that his institution could not stand alone to do it and hoped that other parties would do the same.

The event was joint by 40 men that dealt with plantation from the district/city in the province, presenting speakers from Plantation Agency East Kalimantan, Livestock and Plantation Agency District of Paser and GIZ Sulam. (T2)