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Be Aware: Increasing Temperature Could Indicate Climate Change

Be Aware: Increasing Temperature Could Indicate Climate Change

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The increasing temperature in Asia and the bad impact that could raise, could indicate climate change in the world.

As quoted from Media Straits Times, the changing temperature which now gets hotter happens in many Asian countries.

The hottest increasing temperature up to 45 Celsius degree in Asia happened in Myanmar.

Hot temperature up to 44,6 Celsius degree happened in Thailand and 44,5 Celsius degree took place in India.

The increasing temperature in many countries could happen for some factors, such as, green-house gas emission from what men did, such as, fossil fuel, deforestation, and natural phenomenon, such as, El Nino, sun cycle changes.

There are various effects from it, such as, weather pattern change, the escalation of extreme weather intensity (flood, drought, and storm), the increasing water level that could have something to do with coast, and the friction of natural habitat that might influence to life of species, plants, and animals.

It could accelerate the ice, mountains of ice to melt down which eventually that increase sea water surface significantly.

That is why it needs real action to minimize green-house gas emission and slow down climate change to happen to save earth and remain stable.

Many regions in Indonesia got the increasing temperature up to 33 33 Celsius degree and many experienced it.

According to what InfoSAWIT informed, the increasing temperature would be delivering issues for palm oil plantations nationally to get maximal harvests. Geophysics, Climatology, and Meteorology Agency (GCMA) mentioned, the temperature would be about at 34 - 36 Celsius degree. In this dry season in Indonesia, GCMA predicted that the maximum heat would be happening in April to June but some sources predicted it would be happening until August 2023.

This would be part to escalate fresh fruit bunch production in the plantations.

The maximum temperature would be in April to June. Editorial of InfoSAWIT encouraged to implement sustainable and best cultivation in palm oil plantations.

Because it would anticipate natural disaster and harvest failure because of increasing temperature, heat if mitigation has been done as early as possible.

It needs to improve many things, such as, constructing water reservoir around the plantations, working together to prepare anything needed to get better future. (T1)