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Here Are the Ways to Boost Palm Oil Productivity through Efficiency

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Here Are the Ways to Boost Palm Oil Productivity through Efficiency

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - It is assumed that some factors influencing the palm oil price in the world, the trade war also presses the commodity price, the regulation, and trade barriers from the consumers in the world. If these are the topics, of course, it is not agronomic discussion.

Rather than threatening and regretting the fate why (the big countries in the world) make trade wars, it is better to think and start preparing; on the other word, do efficiency.

The efficiency in this article means by not playing with the Man Power Planning (MPP) and minimizing the risks to physiologic aspects of the plantations. Actually, the best way to be in efficiency is to increase the productivity.

The good ideas and persistency should always run to improve sustainably and consistently. Do not let them loosen. If the output or productivity is better, do the same not to flagging and should be increased. So what are the ideas to have better productivity?

The first is by advantaging the unused material. Let us try and check the warehouse. There must be material which is worth used but it needs a touch or improvement. For example, water spray could be used after restored by other spray within some unused spare-parts.

The second is by advantaging the organic fertilizer from the factories, such as, empty bunches, solid and liquid waste, boiler ash, and even sludge which may be hardened as the substitution of the organic fertilizers. The field experience showed that the plantations applied by organic fertilizer could produce better FFB than those within inorganic one.

The third is by doing the work right on and same time, for example, there are 1000 harvesters. If they are late for about 10 minutes, it is equal to 23 HK. It is imaginable if they are motivated to work 5 minutes earlier.

The fourth is FFB transportation should be earlier to minimize the operational hour in mill within the note, harvesters should be told to accomplish half of a long the path in the first place and should directly arrange FFB to gathering spot to get transportation faster.

The fifth is do work in rotation, it needs to remember, postponing work from rotation that someone should do, is a cost (to spend). That is why, it should be fanatic to rotation. (*)

By: Marlon Sitanggang/ Head Agronomi Division, PT Union Sampoerna Triputra Persada (USTP) 

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