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Successful Mechanism Process in Palm Oil

Successful Mechanism Process in Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, BANDUNG - The facts showed mechanism in palm oil plantations should not randomly run. It needs good preparation and investment of reliable human resource, including the spot to contain qualified fuel. Without everything, mechanism tools which have been prepared would be regular ones and would not support to increase the production.

Danny Koh of PT. Anugrah Rezeki Teknindo thought, mechanism in palm oil plantations in Indonesia always focuses to tools, not the supporting sectors. “It is about sources of qualified fuel,” he said to InfoSAWIT in the 2nd SNPI in Bandung.

Fuel is the main support to get mechanism run. Danny thought, fuel tanks should be regularly cleaned up. But the reality showed up, the method did not run well.

He continued, the quality of diesel in Indonesia, namely in biodiesel mixture 30 percent (B30) produces slime. He supports B30 implementation but the slime gets faster to come up by such fuel. It means, this is a challenge to implement mechanism. “We have to solve the issue, deal with it – slime should not exist in fuel pile tanks,” Danny said.

That is why the washing should regularly be done but it could be substitute by efficient washing method. In fact, there has been washing tools which are more efficient in mechanical ways. The washing process is in the pile. (T2)

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