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Supreme Court Sentenced Gusman and Sudirman in PT ANA

the lawyer of PT ANA, Davi Aulia Ghifari SH
Supreme Court Sentenced Gusman and Sudirman in PT ANA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Gusman and Sudirman confessed that they still have had areas in palm oil plantations of PT Agro Nusa Abadi (ANA) which is the subsidiary of PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk., in North Morowali, Central Sulawesi Province. The case was once discussed in a press conference by Yansen Kundimang SH., their lawyer. “They are unchivalrous. The area case was taken to the court and sentenced by the Supreme Court,” the lawyer of PT ANA, Davi Aulia Ghifari SH, said as in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Saturday (18/3/2023).

He thought, they should be sincere for the sentence. The Supreme Court denied their cassation. Not only disobey the sentence, the two should really understand that the sentence of the Supreme Court meant some frauds.

“’Criminalization’ is not the right term in the case between the two and the company. Davi thought, what the company has done, is awareness and commitment that every legal issue should be taken to the law officers.

The two were taken to the court because they were caught in red handed for stealing fresh fruit bunch (FFB) in the plantations of PT ANA. There were discussions but saying that they have had areas, Gusman and Sudirman kept stealing FFB and this was a loss for the company.

PT ANA should report the case to the police. They were arrested and the process was taken to the Supreme Court and they were sentenced to steal FFB from PT ANA. It is against the law.

Davi continued, the company is very sure with area status that Gusman claimed. On 5 November 2016 there was transaction, paying compensation and Gusman himself took the numbers. The company also involved Gusman in partnership program.

But out of nowhere, starting from January 2021 he harvested FFB that PT ANA planted until he was caught by the police on 28 August 2021 after the company reminded and did meeting to discuss the case with him. (T2)